Assistant Store Manager


Are you looking for a growing industry with unlimited potential? If so…Habegger Has It!

Habegger Corporation is a dynamic sales and wholesale HVAC distribution company that is nationally recognized as an industry leader. Habegger Corporation is family owned and run. Habegger is the 7th largest HVAC distributor in the U.S. and the largest independent Bryant distributor in North America. In 2022 Habegger celebrated its 70th anniversary of serving customers first. We employ over 650 people with over 14,000 cumulative years of HVAC expertise. The Habegger Corporation is an award-winning company, receiving consistent recognition, awards and accolades from our manufacturing partners and other industry organizations.

Habegger is currently seeking an Assistant Store Manager. The position will work directly with the Store Manager in all facets and will have an active involvement in the following tasks and responsibilities:

Management of warehouse & CSR processes including:

  • How inventory is managed in the warehouse – receiving, picking and shipping, returns, etc.
  • Bin locations, capacities, replenishments, limitations
  • Evaluating min/max and usage for all stock products and adjust to better fit our capacities
  • Warehouse and Showroom design and layout – reorganize to allow better storage and flow
  • Identifying products as fast moving/slow moving/seasonal and assigning warehouse spacing accordingly
  • Management of damaged product
  • Assisting in the freight/factory claims processes

Management of customer experience improvement projects such as:

  • Creation and refinement of the pre-pulled pick-up system to allow faster order fulfillment for will call orders
  • Implementation of structured quality assurance practices that minimize inaccurate and damaged orders
  • Using order fulfillment speed as a key metric when reorganizing warehouse layout
  • Creating Fort Wayne-specific marketing campaigns that help promote certain products and services unique to Fort Wayne (obsolete items, slow movers, etc)

Management of all required administrative duties and creating new and efficient systems to manage these duties so that they can be completed as quickly as possible with no errors or delays. These include:

  • Credits/Adjustments
  • Web Order Management – issues with orders, back orders, etc
  • Open Orders – identifying which orders are now ready and providing that information to CSRs who can then contact the customer and decide whether the order is good to release, needs to be kept on hold, or needs to be cancelled
  • Inventory Discrepancies – assuring inventory levels in WMS and Reggie match
  • Confirming tickets and applying fuel surcharges
  • Managing credit card/cash postings
  • Working with other Habegger locations and helping to respond to inquiring/requests

Management of all warehouse, CSR, and administrative employees by helping perform the following tasks:

  • Creation of a clear and achievable set of expectations and requirements that will act as a concrete standard for employees to follow
  • Management of employee attendance and payroll
  • Using WMS to evaluate employee performance in terms of picking/shipping/receiving orders

Working with Warehouse Management to ensure our facilities and equipment are properly maintained, including:

  • Equipment such as trucks, forklifts, pickers, etc
  • Box Trucks
  • Building, Lawn, parking lot, etc

Habegger is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance

Habegger is an Equal Opportunity Employer